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Manifesto Fart

We are not:

We are the people behind the projects and our goal is to speak through creativity.

We are strong supporters of the idea that a good design project is based on the interpretation of the story of its protagonists.

Each of us has got a story to tell and our mission is to interpret it in such a way as to create a connection between the client’s creative and the market.

We don’t think of us as a creative studio.

At the base of our project there is a strong criticism of the category because often the category is a limit of our expression.

We are supporters of the idea that communication, art and design are based on a sharing project.

In Fart there are no answers but questions.

Our design idea is based on creating contexts.

We are convinced that if we are what we eat then we are also what we create and our goal is to bring out a world of authenticity that we often ignore or do not know.

Working with us means discovering yourself through design.

Fart is authentic.
Fart is explosive.
Fart is communicative.

Just Fart.

Creative Director & Founder

Storyteller & Art Critic

Let’s talk here.

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